Who is this man – Mary’s song

Who is this man – Mary’s song

Who is this man? Mary’s song

“The hills are alive with the sound of His music”

Luke 1:46 -56


22nd December 2019

With Peter Veysie

    1. Mary a young woman about to be a mother of the Savior
    2. Her song sung from the heart of a servant.
    3. Mary the first disciple of Jesus – a model of discipleship in how she responds to God.
    4. God is the first to reveal himself to Mary through the angel Gabriel – he interrupts her life – Highly favored. How have you dealt with “God interruptions in your life?
    5. She was initially afraid but as the job description was given to her she began to accept the call.
    6. Her job description: – she would carry the Savior
    • God would use her.
    • David’s throne would be established through this child and would have no end. Restore the King.8. She responds – Mary got ready. The choice we make when called is to respond with action and she goes to Elizabeth her person ? Remember – Who is your person?10 She worships in reflection: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my savior.”
    • 11. She realizes that she has been weaved into the powerful eternal story of God’s love and grace. Are we part of His story ? Locate your story within the context of God’s story.
    • 9. Sacrifice – it was a sacrificial decision she made but was confirmed by the Holy Spirit when John leaps inside Elizabeth’s tummy.
    • 7. She has a choice – How does this work? A virgin – Calling always has a choice and yet she responds “I am the Lord’s servant”

    12. A powerful picture of Discipleship


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