The powerful presence of God

The powerful presence of God

Peter shares out of Exodus 33:12-33

  1. He knows you by name.

Personal Relationship with God

The #1 thing God wants to do with each one of us is to establish an intimate, personal relationship. Moses definitely accomplished this with God the Father! The Bible may have given Moses two of the finest and highest compliments that any person could ever hope to receive from God Himself. Known by name and Highly favored.

It is profound for me to think that Moses developed a relationship with God even though he was rejected at childbirth and hidden away.

He grew up in a different culture as an Egyptian.

He killed a man and ran away to the desert where God taught him skills on how to survive.

He came back to see if any of “his people” were still alive.

Moses was 80 years old when God first made contact with Him and called him out for the deliverance mission that He had in store for him. Everything that Moses experienced in the Lord all occurred in the last 40 years of his life. It is never too late to turn your life over to God the Father and enter into His perfect will for your life. You just never know what God may do with the rest of what time you still have left down here on this earth!

Their fear of God is the exact same fear that many Christians still have today. They know that the Bible tells them that God wants to establish this individual, personal relationship with each one of us, but they are too afraid to approach God to establish this kind of intimate, personal relationship with Him.

Just look at the story of Moses and what happened to his mundane life out in the desert once he made direct contact with the Lord and then proceeded to follow God’s call on his life! His whole life changed for the better – and what an incredible adventure he had with God in the last 40 years of his life! This was a God encounter which revolutionised and saved a nation.

  1. Powerful things Moses did.

Moses did four powerful things that dramatically changed the course and quality of his life:

  1. He entered into and followed God’s personal call on his life.
  2. He asked the Lord to teach him.
  3. He said that if the Lord’s presence was not with him he would not go. He entered into a trusting, good, intimate, personal relationship with God the Father.
  4. The Presence of the Lord defined who he was. What distinguishes us from anyone else ? Only God’s presence.

Dare to let God do the same for you. God will work with anyone who is willing to enter into this realm with Him.

The key to a relationship with the Lord is a well- balanced life of Word and the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Moses Was Not Afraid of the Manifest Presence of God

Not only was Moses not afraid to enter into a close, intimate, personal relationship with the Lord, but he also was not afraid of the manifest presence of God.

Plagues, a burning bush, parting of the red sea, Manna from heaven, ten commandments and pillar of fire and cloud.

Some of you may have had some incredible manifestation activity with the Lord – with most of it being with the Holy Spirit. However, what we have found out is that this kind of supernatural activity can freak many people out, just like it did with the Israelites when God first appeared on Mount Sinai.

It is one thing to know that God and Jesus are up in heaven at a safe distance from all of us – but it’s quite another thing once anyone starts to receive direct manifestation activity from the Lord.

People seem to really be afraid of any kind of direct contact with God. But for those of you who have had any kind of direct supernatural activity from the Lord, I am sure you can testify that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in reference to the manifestations that we have all received.

However, for those of you who are very comfortable and very appreciative of these manifestations when they do occur, just remember the story of Moses and what an incredible thing it really is whenever God does decide to manifest Himself to you in any way that He should choose to do so. It really is an incredible blessing, and it makes our walk in the Lord that much more fun and exciting to be in!

Conclusion: The Anointing. You are chosen for God’s purpose.

When God first makes contact with Moses, He tells Moses that He has chosen him to go into Egypt to deliver the children of Israel from out of their slavery to the Egyptians. Moses then starts to argue with God that who is he to accomplish such a mission, that he is too slow of speech and tongue, and for God to consider asking someone else to do this for Him.

God then replies back to Moses that he has nothing to worry about, that He will be with him, and that He will be with his mouth and teach him what to say. In other words, God was telling Moses that His anointing would be on him to accomplish this incredible task.


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