The Art Of Following During A Pandemic Crisis

The Art Of Following During A Pandemic Crisis

The art of following during a pandemic crisis.

George Methodist church

Sunday 21st June 2020

Father’s day

With Peter Veysie

Matthew 28:16 -20


The best leaders have always been the best followers. It seems that everyone wants to be a leader these days,but unless you have followed a good leader, you may find yourself leading people in the wrong direction. I have always asked the Lord for good mentors in my life and have been so grateful to the Lord to have had some very strong one’s

The story of Chris Peppler at the Village Church and the South African Theological seminary.

With so many voices out there we need to be listening carefully for the tapping of the Lord’s rod and we need to be close enough to Him to know where he is going.

I have also realised in this last week that Jesus calls out the disciples to follow Him and in doing so he leads them into a new definition of life an truth and empowers them to live and be like them.

There is one beautiful scene in the Matthew movie where Jesus and his disciples stop for lunch and have a swim in the river.

I think that when Jesus speaks to his disciples in his final words,he is commisioning them and empowering them to put all that he has taught into practise. It’s almost like a graduation ceremony and he is saying you are now ready having followed well.

And so how well are we following and remember in the following there was a lot of failing as well.

Peter – get behind me satan.The two brothres that want to sit on the left and right of Jesus , falling asleep in a prayer meeting and many more examples of failure. We need to remember that part of failing is learning as well. Think of when you learnt to ride a bicycle and how many times you fell before you got it right.

In first-century Palestine, a similar movement was born. A solitary man from the fields of Galilee began a dance of life so different and unique, so daring and innovative, that most at first could only stare in amazement, wondering who this astonishing human could be. He was joined first by Simon (Peter) and Andrew, next by Philip and Nathaniel. Then one by one, more and more excited followers began to join the Lord of the Dance.

“Come and see!” was the invitation. Jesus’ disciples came, saw, and followed the life-giving dance of the blessed Trinity until dancer and dance became one.

 Our concert of praise To Jesus we raise, And all the night long Continue the new evangelical song: We dance to the fame Of Jesus’s name, The joy it imparts Is heaven begun in our musical hearts. CHARLES WESLEY4

 The Greek noun perichoresis was the early church’s favorite word to describe the interrelationship of the holy Trinity. When the prefix peri (around) is linked with the root of the verb choreuein (to dance), a compelling metaphor is formed or “choreographed” to describe the “one nature in three persons” of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Literally they “dance around.” The choreia or dance of God is the choreography of the cosmos, the interrelationship of Creator, creation, and life itself, the holy creativity of the All in All.

The choreographer of the dance creates for us a liturgy of life, a his(story) within the context of the embodied Christ. When we join in Jesus’ dance, we join in his story, and his story becomes our story as we move in eternal pilgrimage with him.

 O LORD . . . you changed my mourning into dancing. . . . Forever will I give you thanks. PSALM 30:11–13 NAB

Sweet, Leonard (2012-01-01T22:58:59). I Am a Follower . Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

The art of followership :I used the acronym follower-

1. Follow with faith. Hebrews 12:1,2.

2. Open to be lead by Jesus into the dance of life. Psalm 23 “he leads me”

3. Learner sign on your back -always have a Learner “L” sign on your back.

4. Let Him Lead you. It’s so easy and instinctive to try and take over. Iknow that Debbie is the better dancer than me and she often leads me in the dance and when I am a bit more confident she let’s me take over a bit.

The perichoresis of God is a dance of love that moves and flows through the ins and outs, ups and downs of all of life’s joys and travails. The circle of our dancing is a powerful movement of shared com(passion).

Sweet, Leonard (2012-01-01T22:58:59). I Am a Follower . Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

5. Own the choice. We are never forced to follow – Jesus says come follow me. It seems that for a long time we thought that we had to force people into following Jesus and then only told them afterwards what it was all about. We need to be those who follow so well that others would ask for directions to following Jesus.

6. Work at staying humble. The longer we are followers very often the more judgmental we become and relaxed possibly also in our disciplines and faith journey. We need to really work at being a follower. This requires some discipline and hence of course the word disciple. Read pray serve care fail and keep ,oving forward.

7. Enjoy the journey. I really see some very sad and stuffy christians sometimes as if they lost the art of the dance. Matthew 18 is very clear about the importance of keeping a child like faith as a follower and really enjoying the journey. This does not mean that everything is going to be rosy all the time, but when we work with others, stand up for injustice, work towards reconciliation, restore the diginity of women and children who have been abused and celebrate both young and old, then we will find ourselves as followers enjoying the journey.

8. Rejoice ’cause it’s forever. I think that the greatest thing of all this following of Jesus is that it never comes to an end and that there are always new things that he wants to show us – Lamentations 3:23


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