Soul Stories – beauty beneath

Soul Stories – beauty beneath

George Methodist Church

Sunday 14th October 2018

The Beauty beneath.

With Peter Veysie

8am and 10am

Galatians 6:1 -6

Job 12:7 – 12





We travelled south right down to the very bottom of Israel to a place called Eilat. Driving through the desert you begin to understand the word parched and famine. It is bone dry and dusty and hot 45 degrees !!! After 345km you arrive in an oasis called Eilat. It means grove of tall trees or Pistacia tree.


It is the only access point to the Red Sea which is the same sea the Israelites crossed on dry land when it was parted by the Lord.


After a long hot trip we dived into the crystal clear cool Red Sea but were still unaware of the beauty beneath us. The next day my son Matthew and I went to buy goggles and snorkels and we literally walked from the shore into the sea and into a beauty and creativity that I had never seen before so clearly.


All of us were so excited and yells and screams of come and look here at this fish echoed over the surface.We saw these fish and more and it was beautiful. We could not get enough of the beauty beneath that ocean.


I began to think of how creative the Lord is and that there are so many things that we are not even able to see that lie not only under the surface of the sea but also microscopically under the earths surface. I also began to think of how profound it is that we are created in the image/likeness of our Creator God who designed and made all of this and that each one of us is unique in the form and shape that he has made. He knows every single hair on your head and the intricate design of all that we are. Your structure and DNA are formed and shaped and thought of before you were born and I believe that as we begin to understand the beauty beneath, that we will have a new appreciation for who we are in Christ and how we need to view and value ourselves and other people around us.


It is interesting for me that Job in his miserable state and inadequacy being tested by God was even able to say that the even the animals can teach us about the beauty beneath. Job 12:7 – 12. Read.


Paul in Galatians 6 and translated in the message has some profound things to say which I want to explore under this theme. If we are going to be followers of Christ then we are called to become more like him and to look like him. Our self image and the beauty beneath needs to be transformed into His likeness and image so that we can be his hands and feet. (Scripture)

If we are going to constantly be worried about what we look like, we will miss the beauty beneath and the real question of what he looks like.

And so the question is – How do we do this ?


Read Galatians 6 : 1 -6.

  1. Live creatively.

Find more ways to explore who you are and who others are beneath the surface and where there is pain and lack of good Christ image, then explore ways to bring that picture back to them and to yourself. Look outside of your closed world into the spaces that God has created for us to see, In nature there is so much that shouts out about his creativity – 1 Cor 15:

Question: What are some of the ways that we can live more creatively?


  1. Stoop down

I have spoken about avanah and the importance of humility Philippians 1

Becoming like a little child. Matthew 18

Question: What are some of the powerful things you have discovered when getting down to a child’s level?


  1. Make a careful exploration of who you are.

This is a big question that most people leave unanswered and it’s one of the most exciting ones. To meet with your maker each day and to ask Him afresh about who we are together in Him. Who we are in community, who we are as a church and the beauty beneath that our Lord has created and wants us to share. So that others may live. (mission statement of one of the churches I served).

Question: Who are you and have you explored this question deeply?


  1. And the work you have been given to do.

To embrace this beauty beneath we need to dig deeper into ourselves and find out what it is that we are called to be and do both personally and collectively. It may seem mundane and of no significance, but to the Lord it is hugely significant. The old age home this week.

  1. Sink yourself into it.

Be creative in the work you have been called to do. Give it all you have got as if you are working for the Lord and begin to see what unfolds from Him when we do this. It is profound to see just what the Lord has for you to do each day when you really sink yourself into it.

Question: What is the work God has given you to do?


  1. Don’t be impressed with yourself.

Give all the praise and glory to Him.

Question: How has this impacted your life?



  1. Take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. We can be so much more creative in our daily lives – the decorated bus in Jerusalem.

Question: How are we taking responsibility for this?





  1. Training – this does not come naturally because we are human and we have to work at this. Put on those running shoes because we can slack so easily and get back into a rut – the only difference between a rut and the grave are their dimensions.



  1. Live a generous common life with who you are rather than what you think people expect you to be.

The only expectation is from Christ and the only question we will have to answer is whether we lived this life well or not?



  1. Share all the good things you have experienced and learned with the next generation. Last week we heard how important it was to walk in the dust of the Rabbi and to become more like him as disciples and then not to leave it there but to make more disciples. To live passionately and creatively so that others would be released to see and to know the beauty beneath that God has created in each one of us.

Question: How are you sharing the food things with others?



May we go from this place and live creatively friends . Amen


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