Pnuema | George Methodist Family Church

Pnuema | George Methodist Family Church

Pneuma series

The Privileges of knowing the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:5. 1Cor 12:1 –13.

With Peter Veysie

George Methodist Church

Sunday 25th April 2021

8am and 10am

Reflection from Debbie’s message last weel on John 3 and Nicodemus – the wind blows…

The Holy Spirit was there from the beginning.

The Spirit hovered over the waters – Ruarch – breath energy vitality – invisible but powerful. God’s breath sustains all life. God’s Spirit gives people power to do things that we otherwise could not do, not in a wacky way, but rather in a loving,helpingcaring,convicted way. The stories of those in the past were inspired by the direction given by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus baptised by John had the Holy Spirit came down on him.

The Spirit of the Lord comes down on the disciples even before Pentecost as they are inspired to do the work and will of the Father. It is the Lord’s life giving Spirit that gives birth to the church, a community of people sold out for the Gospel and willing to risk their lives for the sake of the truth that sets others free.

We receive the Holy Spirit when we are born again and come into a relationship with him, but we also need to know that there is an anointing on our lives for transformation and we need to act on that infilling of the Holy Spirit daily or else we become empty.

We can see that in the church the focus has been on Jesus which is good, however, we have also used this as an excuse for not moving into a relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Aristotle created a philosophy which plagues us today which said that unless we can see it or feel it cannot exist and he did away with the supernatural. We find people today being exceptionally sceptical of God’s actions often because they live in this realm of the mortal and not the immortal, invisible, God only wise.

We need to believe in Jesus and then receive the Holy Spirit. 

There are 5 cases in the book of acts where folk had not known the Holy Spirit personally.Other than these they experienced both at conversion. The problem is that we may have received this wonderful person to live, eat breath sleep with us, but do we get to know Him personally ? 

I want to share today on five privileges we have as Christians in knowing the Holy Spirit as person.

We need to remember to allow people to have a personal introduction to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus says in Acts 1:5 –“you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit.”

The spirit falling upon, sealed by, plunged into, baptized

Billy Graham – We need to learn what it means to be baptised into the Holy Spirit. 

We need to meet the Holy Spirit in us who has already taken up residence in us the temple, but many of us leave Him in the waiting room without being inviting Him  into our hearts. 

1. It is your privilege to get spiritual equipment from the Holy Spirit.

The first thing that God does is that he anoints our natural gifts so that they can be used to bring glory to him and not to us (accountant, gardener, housewife, teacher,student.)

No gift can do anything until we are anointed by the Holy Spirit.(ordinary people)

2. It is your privilege to get supernatural gifts. Charisma –a free gift. 

God will give you gifts you have never had before which will make you useful to him. In our natural bodies we have organs which are not used for anything in the body like the appendix, but all of our organs have some use. We as the body of Christ are made up of different giftings and functions and all are useful for extending the Kingdom of God.Romans 12:4 – 8. The problem often lies in these gifts being unused or lying dormant.

3. It is our privelege to have gifts are in the area of communication. 

1 Cor 12 and 14  We see the starting point of the gifts in the area of languages and the gift of speech. The word in Greek that we have in 1 Corinthians is language and not tongues. We have a God who has the ability to understand all the languages in the world. God knows that we battle with prayer and so he understands when our brains get stuck and we don’t know what to say and so he has given us a language to speak, which he understands and we don’t understand , and communicate with him. It is primarly for our private lives and yet it can also be used in a public place as long as there is interpretation. We need to praise God in our own way sometimes so that we are not inhibited in any way in our communication with the Lord.

Another language gift is prophecy which is a gift in your own language which is normally given to others. Prophecy is often given to those who have no gift of preaching but not exclusively, and it is always given to edify, or build up the body.

We need to be very clear on this fact that there are both natural and supernatural gifts and as a church we need to be exercising these gifts or else we will loose them. Part of the reason why Paul makes it clear that we need to have an ongoing infilling of the Holy Spirit daily so that we can be useful in the hands of almighty God.

The only thing the bible says that we can covet is the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

4. Our next privilege as a Christian in relationship with the Holy Spirit is a growing maturity. Ephesians 4:13 become mature; James 1:4 Work so that you may be mature.

We are not given gifts so that we can be one up on another or that we can look good. 1 COR 13. NOTHING IF WE DON’T HAVE LOVE,THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Holiness does not come from receiving the gifts of the spirit but rather walking in the spirit.

We leak a bit when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and that is why it’s an ongoing experience.

Your privilege to receive physical transformation.

We are bodies and our soul works with this. Where is your soul in the body? This is like asking where is the music in the guitar.

Our bodies are as I have said the temple of the living God and he is interested in us. We are mortal and so have to face the reality of living in the world and sickness. 

5. Lastly our privelege is that the Holy Spirit is the Healer/Comforter and Councellor.

We are therefore privileged to have a healer working with us and in us. It does not mean that we are free from the onslaught of things coming towards us, but it rather is the privilege of knowing that we have a comforter, counsellor, healer.

James 5:14 –6.


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