Living your best life – ephesians 5

Living your best life – ephesians 5

Living your best life

Waking up to walking in the way of Love.

Ephesians 5:1 -20

George Methodist Church

8am and 10am

1st September 2019


Noah Barrie and Kerrie and Olivia thanksgiving.


The joy of having Michael and Carol Cassidy here and the anointing that comes with them in their faithfulness.

The prayer week – Jericho walls.


  1. Walk in the way of love. Some of us literally walk in the way of love without knowing it in the negative sense of the word. We need to wear love as our basic all purpose garments Colossians 3: 12 -17 It’s a poetic, yet poignant, instruction: walk in the way of love. And it’s punctuated with a degree of intensity: just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.So how do we do this? Every day we are confronted with dozens of decision points. At each point we choose which way we will walk: either the “way of sacrificial love” (loving as Christ loved us) or the way of selfishness, which is the logical opposite of the way of sacrificial love.If you meditate on this instruction long enough, you will be led to places in your life where you need to walk in the way of love.
  2. Be careful of immorality, impurity and greed !!! Our world seems to still live on the premise that you will be more satisfied with the more you have. The equation is clear that there is more satisfaction in living simply and within your means than in any other way and it is also possible to create wealth and a place of peace for others when we live unselfishly.                                            2. b.Be careful of being deceived with empty promises – we have all been here I am sure. I remember that in Durban people used to be lured in by timeshare sales people and promised a free toater or snackwich machine etc.. You then found out that you were contracted into some deal if you took the toaster and your weeks were in the most obscure times of the year and in the oddest of places.                                                                                 2.c. Be careful how you live – not as unwise but as wise !!! Make the most of every opportunity – the days are evil.Don’t get drunk on wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ongoing present continuous. Leaking needs filling.
  3. Live as children of the light. I often would wonder what it would be like if we honestly shone – The German grumpy man at Caspita’s who saw Debbie’s light and I think he thought she was quite beautiful, but I was right there to protect her !!!! (My lights)Find out what pleases the Lord. This demands careful examination as well as discipline – walk around and get surprised by where He may lead you.Wake up,sleeper,rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you vs 14 – This is apparently an old hymn of the early church. Can you imagine singing this. Sing and make music to the Lord always giving thanks – the birds in the morning remind me to do this each day.


Next week we are going to have a good hard look at submission and relationships with each other, the church and with the Lord.


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