Creation Cries Out

Creation Cries Out

Creation cries out.
Genesis 1,John1 and 1 John 1

George Methodist Church first online service

Sunday 22nd March 2020
With Peter Veysie

Francis Chan and Multiply plus the link –

God’s presence from the inception of Creation. God introduces himself through
creation- Creatio ex nihilo. Karl Barth. It all starts with God alone.We have to begin with an
an understanding that God is outside of time and therefore we cannot define time around a
clock but in the space of kairosand not chromosomes time. A day is like a thousand years.
God creates , speaks things into being,breathes into them and gives them life and it is
good and then He makes us in their likeness and it is very good. What does it mean to be
created in his likeness or image. Genesis 1:26.It’s the uniqueness of humanity that is the
key here. We are called to be like Him and our model is the very one who came into the
world Jesus Christ. So it seems that this is more spiritual than physical. Jesus is the image
of the invisible God Col 1:15 and the exact imprint of his nature. Hebrews 1:3. God creates
us to reflect him in this world.
The name of God becomes more personal.As we journey on Francis Chan shows us
that the name of God becomes more personal- Yahweh Elohim Genesis 2. There is an
intimacy in this name and a very deep beautiful relationship with humanity in the garden .
How we understand the words Adam and Eve will definitely reveal our creation theology
and I am humbly of the view that God is God and how he did this and whether it’s a
metaphor or not is really not for us to guess at but simply to say that we are definitely here
and we have multiplied ever since. So I am not getting into any arguments about this but I
do have my own theories and let’s just say that I am not a creationist in terms of my
theology and I have a scientific sense that the world is older than we know .
A beautiful walk. But coming back to Yahweh I AM ( behold the hands behold the
nails)and Elohim – God divine true One.He is the One who walks quietly in the garden and
builds a beautiful relationship with humanity and engages with them teaching them and
instructing them on how to live and not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. We will
look at the two trees.Communication was vital then and is it’s vital now. You need to walk
quietly or sit quietly with the Lord. Listen read pray meditate- eat pray love. We need to be
constantly enquiring from God as to how to live and what to do especially at this time of
the threat of the coronavirus!
Caring for each other and creation is our primary concern. We need to be good
stewards of the earth and each other. The crisis we are in now will force us to be more
aware of each other and what the Lord has given . Take care of each other,what you
choose to do with creation,what you eat, how you speak and how we deal with the
injustices of our world. It’s a significant time of growth in God’s big garden and we are truly
being brought into communities.


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