Come And Have Breakfast – John 21 : 1-25

Come And Have Breakfast – John 21 : 1-25

Come and have breakfast !!!

George Methodist church

John 21: 1-17

With Peter Veysie

11th April 2021

8am and 10am

I want to start by honouring my Uncle Bill Perry, my moms brother who passed away this week and their family Rose Gwyn and Jen. He was a committed member of the Methodist church – Sunday school teacher, bible study leader, local preacher and society and circuit steward. 

  • Introduction :The experience of the dolphins. Mullet in the water and being right in the The power and the beauty of the sea and being in the right place at the right time. Several of the disciples had listened and travelled to Galilee knowing that they were told that Jesus would meet them there. Peter,Thomas,Nathaneal,Sons of Zebedee,two others and John.
  • Peter is the first to get distracted back to the boats and fishing. I’m going fishing. He goes back to the familiar and perhaps he is wondering as to whether Jesus would turn up.Leaving the net for the nets. I think that often we can find ourselves dispondent and possibly losing faith and it is so easy to get back to our old lives and what is familiar.
  • We’ll come too is the response of the disciples. They give in to peer pressure rather than waiting for Jesus. It is incredible how powerful peer pressure is and it just takes one to say it’s okay and a whole barrage of people will move with it. The first time you experienced peer pressure ?
  • They all went out in the boat but caught nothing!!! I find this quite funny and also ingenious of Jesus. Master fisherman who lived and died for this trade would not catch nothing. To be out all night on the sea of Galilee was quite a challenge and then on top of that to catch nothing !!! How embarrassing.They are back with their eartly father’s business and have forgotten the business of their Heavenly Father. How often do we do that and then wonder why we have not “caught” anything!!
  • Jesus knowing full well that they have caught nothing tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. They had not recognised it was Jesus and maybe their response in their hearts was Yeah right, we have been fishing all this time and you think that by just throwing our nets on the other side will make a difference ???? Are you serious ?? Remember that they had been disobedient in the first place as the command was “wait”. I think that we can all own this at some point in our lives when we have gone ahead with a decision without waiting on the Lord. Where we have made up our own made as to where we should “cast our nets”. Where we have not consulted and prayed about what the Lord would want rather than what we would want and have missed the moment by the width of a boat !!!What is the other side of the baot for you? What does it look like when you are fishign on your own side???
  • They pull in their nets full of fish (153) and the haul is so big that they can hardly pull it in !!
  • They still haden’t recognised Jesus – remember the “disciple who Jesus loved is telling the story”
  • Peter and this is funny – wraps his outer garment around him and jumps into the water. Was it shame or fear. I can imagine Jesus having a bit of a chukkle !!! We so often are like Peter when it comes to being confronted by the Lord- we want to hide or run away !!! It’s a human response.
  • Jesus doesn’t rebuke Peter but rather invites him and all the others to bring some fish and COME AND HAVE BREAKFAST. 
  • They still did not recognise Him – They did not dare ask – Who are you ?They knew it was the Lord but still there was some doubt. I think we can own this too. Was that really you Lord. The dolphins !!!
  • Jesus draws them lovingly around the fire and then he took the bread and gave it to them and he did the same with the fish. This was the third time he appeared to them.
  • Peter is then reinstated not with a rebuke but rather with a question – do you Love Me ? I find this so reassuring because we all deny or fall or fail and the Lord brings us back to the call on our lives
  • Feed my lambs, take care of the sheep and feed the sheep – young and the old and the mission of Peter and the other disciples going forward.
  • How do we respond ? Jesus responds with love and calls them and us back to our purpose. When we have been distracted or have been doing our own thing he invites us to throw our nets on the other side – to trust Him again rather than our own passions and desires and finally He says again – FOLLOW ME !!!!


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