Sermons from August 2020

Sermons from August 2020

Barnabas the encourager

Barnabas the encourager Who is your Barnabas and who are you a Barnabas to ? With Peter Veysie George Methodist Church Sunday 30th August 2020 9.30am I am often going back in my mind and thinking over my ministry at the people who have stood out for me. In my 40 years of being called to the ministry, I can remember words of encouragement that way outweigh the negative – Mr Friend,David Buwalda,Michael Cassidy, Khozo Mgojo, Dad and Mom Veysie,Debbie,…

Essentials of Mentoring – Experience of Timothy and PAul

The essentials of mentoring. An investigation into the relationship of Timothy and Paul. Acts 16:1-5 2 Timothy 3:10-17 With Peter Veysie George Methodist Church Sunday 23rd August 2020 9.30am Aaron and Chuma 7 Characteristics of a young disciple – Timothy He was Teachable 2. Inspired by the Word(Logos) of the Lord 3. Mentored by Paul 4. He saw Opportunity because of his mixed cultural background. 5. Trusted with the truth 6. Holy Spirit guided 7. Yearning for more – eager.

Philip the good news guy

Philip  the Good News guy. Philip Vercueil   Acts 8:5-40 Acts 21:8,9 George methodist church 16th August 2020 Philip is a male given name, derived from the Greek Φίλιππος (Philippos, lit. “horse-loving” or “fond of horses”), from a compound of φίλος (phílos, “dear”, “loved”, “loving”) and ἵππος (hippos, “horse”). Philip the good News guy -the transformational sharing of good news. “Who was Philip in the Bible?” There are four different men named Philip mentioned in the Bible. Phillip was the name…

Lydia of Thyatira

Lydia of Thyatira With Peter Veysie George Methodist Church 2nd August 2020 9.30 am Suria Scholtz 1. Tell us your testimony in 3mins 2. What drew you to tent ministry ? 3. Tell us about what you do? 4. When you think of Lydia  what is significant for you about her life and what lessons stand out for you from her life story ? Lydia’s Conversion in Philippi 11From Troas we put out to sea and sailed straight for Samothrace,…