Sermons on Nehemiah

Sermons on Nehemiah

God with us – building beyond ourselves

Nehemiah 1 God with us in building beyond ourselves Rebuilding restoring renewing With Peter Veysie 29th March 2019 Bethel worship evening Sunday 31st March at 8am and 10am How much in our own world and the world around us needs to be rebuilt, restored and renewed? I am sure that if you are honest, there are many things in your personal life that you still need to get right. Our world is in a situation of great trauma as it…

Soul Stories – Gates

Gates- access points or barriers The 10 Gates of Nehemiah’s Jerusalem. George Methodist Church Peter Veysie Psalm 87 Nehemiah 3 8am and 10am Gates   Design of Isa 62:10   MADE OF Brass Ps 107:16; Isa 45:2 Iron Ac 12:10 Often two-leaved Isa 45:1 Fastened with bars of iron Ps 107:16; Isa 45:2   MADE TO Cities 1Ki 17:10 Houses Lk 16:20; Ac 12:14 Temples Ac 3:2 Palaces Es 5:13 Prisons Ac 12:10 Camps Ex 32:26 Rivers Na 2:6  …

Rise Up and Build Week 5

Peter finishes  the 5 week series on Nehemiah and shares out of Nehemiah chapter 8 to 13. Photos of Lawaai Church that Peter mentions at the beginning of service.

Rise Up and Build Week 4

Peter shares about the tools / ingredients we need for effective building. Continuing with the story in Nehemiah out of chapter 4 to 7.

Nehemiah Week 3: The city gates

Peter shares on the significance of the city gates of Jerusalem, How it relates to Nehemiah’s situation and to our personal lives.