Sermons on Jeremiah

Sermons on Jeremiah

Discerning God’s prophetic word during COVID-19

Discerning God’s prophetic word during COVID-19  Jeremiah 29:4-14. George Methodist church with Peter Veysie  9:30am Trinity Sunday  7th June 2020 My testimony of being called at Kearsney college 40 years ago at a full moon. How did I discern that this was the call of the Lord? Most prophetic words that are recorded in scripture come out of a reluctance from the one called to speak them. Examples Isaiah and Jeremiah Daniel in prison etc… They also found themselves not…

Vision 20/20 – Relationship, Discipleship and presence

Vision 2020 Sunday 10th November 2019 Jeremiah 31:7-14 Isaiah 60: 1 -11 Relationship, Discipleship and Presence 8am and Communion at 10am  Where we have come from – 6 years. Where we are – 2019 Where we are going to – 2020 vision The Way -Where have we come from? I want to start out this morning by sharing the most incredible journey that the Lord has taken us on and how He has ordered our steps. My short testimony up…

Jeremiah 32:27 Our hope is in God

Phil Birch shares on Jeremiah 32:27 at the 08h00 service. *Please note we had some glitches with sermon recording so please excuse some level changes and background noise.    

Jeremiah 31: 7-14

Peter shares out of Jeremiah 31:7-14. This Sunday was also a celebration for them as a family as they arrived here at George Methodist Church 3 years ago.