Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff

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Resident Minister

Peter Veysie

It is an absolute joy and privilege for me to be serving in George. We have over 1000 members at George Methodist Church with a wonderful team of staff and leaders helping me to serve them. I have a passion for Jesus and my gifts are leadership, teaching and pastoring. I have interests in art and theology and am busy with my Ph.D. in practical theology. I love running and have completed 11 Comrades, ultra-marathons and a half Ironman. I…
Creative Director

Debbie Veysie

My name is Debbie Veysie and I am married to Peter. Peter and I have the privilege of leading the George Methodist Church together, working to our different strengths. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 9 years old and since I was a young girl I have been passionate about serving the church. In my teen years, my family was part of planting a new church in Hillcrest. We sat in the ruins of something else and…
Connect Ministry

Kerri-Ann Jeffery

Having grown up in this church, having gone to the Children’s Church, been part of the youth (even before the Youth House existed!) to leaving George for studies, travels and work, I never imagined I’d get to call this place ‘home’ again. It definitely didn’t cross my mind that I’d end up working at George Methodist Church. But what a beautiful way to be able to say ‘thank you’ to my first spiritual home, to the place and the people…
Youth and Worship

Ryno Grobbelaar

Ryno and his wife Shareese have 2 beautiful kids, Zelany and Joshua. In early 2003 Ryno gave his life to Jesus and has not turned back since. He has always loved music and the behind-the-scenes production of it. He started playing guitar in early 2004 and can now play multiple instruments. Ryno has experience in both Audio and Visual production. He is a worshiper at heart and loves making music, especially in a church environment. Ryno believes he was called…