Student? Working? (but wishing you were still a student?)
Not quite feeling like a ‘real adult’ but having to do a whole lot of grown up stuff (which can be rather overrated.)
The 20s – 30s group is for those of us who are between high school and starting our own family. It’s a group that loves socialising, hanging out and figuring out how to do this ‘following Jesus’ thing right.

We meet every Wednesday evening in the church hall from 18:30 to 20:30 (except during school holidays) to drink coffee, have eats, watch video clips, chat and discuss our understanding of Biblical topics.

Outside of Wednesdays we have socials, support a project that involves uplifting the community and try to support different areas of our church.

If this all sounds good please contact our church office on 044 873 3606  or email Kerri-Ann at for more info.