Soul Stories – pride

Soul Stories – pride

Soul Stories


George Methodist church

Sunday 16th September 2018

Hebrews 11:1
Ephesians 4:1
Matthew 6:5
Matthew 6:22


With Pierre Bartels

“When does faith become foolishness?”

Pride in anything other than Christ is foolish. Pride often stops us from being obedient to Christ. We grow in Him if we replace our understanding of PRIDE with PRIDE in HIM.

Misplaced Pride:

P – People’s perceptions – stops me from doing what is right
R  – Regret / guilt
I – Inferior – feeling inferior
D – Doubt – In the desert the devil even tried to make Jesus doubt
E – Exaggerate or deny

To deal with pride we need humility. It is opposite to what the world teaches about success.

Pride in Christ:
P – Public life needs to represent private life – spend time with Christ
R – Restore relationships, more than just saying sorry, not breaking people down behind their backs, restore what has been broken.
I – Infuse Christ in all situations
D – Dwelling in the Spirit – filled daily
E – Elevate Jesus to the rightful place, remove ourselves from the ‘driver seat’


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