Soul Stories – Cross roads

Soul Stories – Cross roads

Soul Stories

Moment by moment life with Jesus

Sunday 2nd September 2018

With Peter Veysie

8am and 10am

Session 1 At the crossroads on the Ancient path.

Scripture : Luke 13: 31 – 35

Jeremiah 6:16 Stand at the crossroads and look and ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it and you will find rest for your soul. But they did not listen.

Key idea : We stand at the crossroads of people’s lives and lead them towards the Ancient Path.

  1. Have you experienced a crossroad in your own life and how has it impacted your journey?
  2. What is the significance of Jerusalem as a crossroad?
  3. Historically how do you see God’s plan for the world unfolding out of Israel?
  4. What are some of the challenges we are faced with today in getting His message out to others?
  5. How are you positioned as a person of influence for the Lord and what are you going to do this week to impact others?


Scripture readings:

Genesis 1 The first garden of peace

Genesis 12: 1 -9 The call of Abram

Genesis 14:18 -24 Salem and Melchizedek

2 Samuel 22: 1-51 David’s song of praise

Psalm 122 Let us go to the house of the Lord..pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Psalm 147 The Lord builds up Jerusalem

Isaiah 37: 32 -35 A remnant out of Jerusalem

Isaiah 40

Isaiah 52

Isaiah 60 Arise shine for your light has come

Jeremiah 3:17 Jerusalem the throne of the Lord

Ezekiel 40 -48 The “Temple” restored – Jesus

Zechariah 8: 1- 8 – Jerusalem called the Faithful city.

Matthew 21:1 -10

Luke 13:34 -39


Historical, theological and practical.

Jerusalem -Digging deeper an overview

I am really excited and challenged to be sharing with you this journey of discovery as we begin to dig deeper and unearth some truths that you might or might not have seen before. On our recent trip to Israel, we had the privilege of sharing time with our family Matthew Luke Joel Melissa Debbie and myself. The joy of being together as a family and seeing things through their eyes was priceless.

As we go on this journey now, I trust that you will allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you as we go down some of the ancient paths of His Story and find how it links in with your story.

I will give you some questions to discuss in your small groups and then will also highlight some scriptures for you to read as well.

But let’s start right at the beginning of  the history of Jerusalem and then theologically, where God came into the story of humanity and redefined their path forever even although they chose not to follow him at different times.


  1. Historical :The way in which Jerusalem is strategically placed and it’s history at the crossroads of civilization.

– 5000 years of history beginning with the Egyptians and a place in Canaan known as Rusalimm – SLM – Peace

– Salem and Abram and Malchezidek Gen 14:18 -24

– Israelite history and David 1000BC 2 Sam 22: 1- 51 David’s song of praise.

– Solomon’s temple Psalm 122 Let us go to the house of the Lord… pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

– Siege of Jerusalem and destruction in 586BC

– Zerubabel’s temple 516BC Ps 147 The Lord builds up Jerusalem.

– Alexander the great and the Greeks

– Ptolomaic control

– Maccabean revolt 103 years

– Romans 37BC

– Herod’s temple and Capital for the Jews

– 1st Centrury Jesus 4BC – 33AD Isaiah 37: 32 – 35 A remnant (the stump of Jesse)

Arise shine for your light has come Isaiah 60

– Hadrian – Jupiter Capitolius – the Holy sepulchre

-Constantine declares us Christian Helena and  Roman province

-Mohammed and the rule and reign of the Moslems – Palestine all churches and synagogues destroyed

– Crusaders 1099 wipe out Jews and Moslems Sultan Sulliman Ottoman empire

– Jews back in 1863

– WW1 – UK declaration and Jews return

– 1929 – major attack

– 6 days war – 1968

– All faiths and religions protected.

Jeremiah3:17 Jerusalem the throne of the Lord

– Huge tension between Palestine and Israel continues. Some of the challenges unfolding out of Israel impacting our world. – Peace technology IT hub agriculture etc..


  1. Theological :Genesis to Revelation tell the stories of Prophets and Prophetesses Priests Kings and Poets.


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