Revival starts with me – The last word

Revival starts with me – The last word

The Last Word

Revelation 22

A love letter from Jesus to the churches.

George Methodist Church

Sunday 21st July 2019

8am and 10am


Introduction of the journey



In summary:


John on the Island of Patmos has a vision which is shown to him of what is to take place. It is in no form or shape on a timeline but rather a picture, at best, of what was, what is and what is to come.

He is a pastor to seven churches and Jesus speaks prophetically to them all – both encouraging them but also correcting them.

He then shows them seven issues around the things that they will face. Trumpets are always used to alert people either to worship or to be aware of warnings.

Bowls describing the challenges that the earth would face which lines up with many of the warnings that scientists are sharing with us regarding our seas, water, vegetation and the general challenges around conservation of our planet.

We are then taken into two birth pictures and both are related to the fact that Jesus overcame all challenges and conquered death and the deceiver. He will do so again as He comes to judge the living and the dead.

We also saw a glorious picture of Jesus and the New heaven and a New earth – the Bride and the Bridegroom – the 12 stones and the 12 gates – apostles and tribes and a new city coming down from heaven.


Ultimate victory and a picture of heaven.

The River


  1. The River of Life
  2. This river flows from the throne of God and is pure and provides for those that drink from it so that they will not thirst again. Throughout the old testament this was a picture of God’s provision, richness, and peace (Isaiah48:18 Zecheriah 14:8
  3. Psalm 46:4-5 There is a river whose streams will make glad the city of God – prophecy of this picture.
  4. The woman at the well – John 4 You will never thirst again. A spring of life welling up to eternal life.
  5. Eternal life giving water flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb.
  6. For the early church to have this vision in the dryness of their existence and with persecution all around and the threat of the church shutting down, this must have been glorious.


The trees


In the middle of the street and on either side of the river are the trees of life which bear fruit every month.

  1. In Genesis we get a picture of a tree of life and God says to Adam and Eve that they should not eat from this tree. Sin is no longer there and the trees are there as symbols of the provision of life 24/7 and 12 months a year, bearing fruit all the time.
  2. Remember Jesus restoring the relationship between Himself and humanity in the garden after his resurrection with Mary Magadalene John 20: 11 -18 profound picture of restoration then and restoration now.
  3. The bible begins and ends with the tree of life – We go from life to life. Restoration of all things by the Lord.


The leaves for the healing of the nations.


  1. Why would they need healing? Next question – God is restoring all things
  2. The Greek is ‘therapeian’ which is where we get our word therapeutic. The better translation would be that these trees are ‘health giving.’
  3. Remember that he is always seeing a symbolic picture and maybe it will look like this but we need to see that John always describes things and he says – “what looks like” and not ‘what is.’


What are we doing ? 3 -5


  1. There is no more curse and the throne of God and the Lamb is in it and the servants are serving Him – we are not sitting on clouds playing harps but serving. Heaven is not a place of leisure but rather a place of serving and worshipping. We need to remember the Lord’s prayer and that we pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Get busy with the things of God now. Don’t wait or lose time. Do it now!!!
  2. We will see His face – Unveiled faces see the radiance and Glory and presence of the Lord. There is no shame, no need to hide but to experience of the fullness of His Love is something beautiful. 1 Cor 13: 12 – know just as I am fully known. Be yourself.
  3. Light from God and reigning forever.


Coming soon verses 12 – 16


John declares from Jesus so often that these words are “trustworthy and true”. Let’s always be reminded of where we have come from in Rev 1 and never forget this.


The ‘soon’ is like in the next second but literally causes problems because Jesus was quite clear about the fact that no-one knows the hour nor the time except the Father . Remember the wedding ceremony.


Have an expectation of readiness. Sort things out in your life. Have short accounts. Make peace with whoever you need to make peace with, because you do not know the day nor the hour when you will go to be with the Father!!! If this is all the book of Revelation has taught us then let’s just do that.


Don’t seal it up. Share it. This scroll is not sealed up – this book is not scary. It is the last love letter to the churches yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Jesus says again – in verse 12 – “Look I am coming soon – my reward is with me and I will give to each person according to what they have done.”

ALPHA and OMEGA – beginning and the end. 1:8 2:6 – JESUS



There are those that have access and those – out of their own choice – who don’t because of the ongoing lack of desire to repent. We still have work to do to invite those who are needing to – Gerry Couchman – “cross the line of faith”.

Those that have washed their robes – repented and turned around.

Greek words can be very confusing and can be translated in different ways – HOIPLUNONTESTASSTOLAS – washed their robes

HOIPOIOUNTESTASENTOLAS – do the Commandments – it all leads to the same thing for me.




The Spirit and the bride say “come.”

Let the one who is thirsty “come.”

Here is an invitation to all to come. Here is the Lord’s cry to humanity to say come – you’re all invited but it’s up to you to respond. Here is our call to all humanity – COME.










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