Lost in the Garden

Lost in the Garden

Lost in the Garden
Genesis 3
With Peter Veysie
Sunday 29th March 2020

How many of you have been lost in your lives? I am not talking about
getting lost because you ignored Garmin or your family member who
told you that you needed to turn when the little person in the machine
told you to turn! But a real sense of being lost and not knowing where to
go next. At this time in our lockdown world I am sure you may be feeling
confused and a little lost. The economy is on the brink of disaster and
we are wondering as to whether we will get this virus and if we do what
the impact of it will be.
1. Adam and Eve
At the beginning of time again there was a clear call from the Lord who
walked with Adam and Eve in the garden to adhere to boundaries. Sadly
through a temptation moment we hear of them going to eat from a tree
which the Lord has clearly asked them not to eat from. However we
understand this and it may for me be a metaphor, as they eat from the
true of the fruit of knowledge there is a clear shift in the way that they
were in their relationship with the Lord and I want to eaxamine these
because it seems like when we get lost and trun away from the
guidance and direction of the Lord that there are consequences :
2. Did God really say! Genesis 3:1
It’s quite interesting that the moment of lostness begins with
manipulation in the form of a question as to the validity of the Word that
the Lord has spoken. Lostness begins here in our own lives when we
get into a thought process of just bending the truth slightly. It starts when
we are very young and we can all own up to this. When Mom or Dad
had left the room or the house all hell could break loose. It is still the
biggest challenge in our world and it’s where we deviate so quickly from
responsibility to chaos. I hear all the time even now people asking
whether lockdown really means that we have to stay at home? Yes it
does and we need to take it seriously !!!!
3. The lure of deception. Genesisi 3:6
When we give in to the lure it takes us and moves us into a place that
initially we thin is good but then sudeenly we discovery the damage that

it is doing. I have always said that in a sinister way when you begin to do
something naughty it feels so decepttively good but then later on when it
becomes a habit or an addiction and you are trapped by it, then it’s like a
noose around your neck !!! The fruit tasted so good initially but then
Adam and Eve realised the consequences.
4. Not only lost but shame !!! Genesis 3:7
There is a scary moment for the two described in the garden and this
comes when they suddenly realise they are naked vunerable exposed
and are ashamed. It’s a sad moment for the Lord when the very ones he
wants to walk with and talk with are hiding away from him because of
shame. If you have a good relationship with the Lord the last thing you
want to do is to hide. It’s a challenge though when you have shame and
that shame is exposed and you have nowhere to go. Jesus dealt with
this many times in the miracles in the Gospel and showed us quite
clearly that we have somewhere to go when we have messed up. I will
get to this because this is the message of hope in the middle of lostness
and fear of shame.
5. Where are you ? Verse 9
As they realised that they had done wrong and now were hiding from
the Lord we hear three of the most scariest words from the Lord –
“Where are you?” These words are loaded with so much of the heart of
God and he asks us at a time in our lives when we have shifted and
moved away from Him and are hiding. I am not sure where you are right
now but the Lord surely wants more than anything else to find you. He
obviously knew where they were but he asks a way deeper theological
and spiritual question knowing that they had moved from the deep
beautiful walk with Him into a place of fear and hiding.
6. Consequences
I sometimes wonder if the stroy would have been different if they had
just come out and said hey we messed up and should not have done
this and asked for forgiveness. But they didin’t and therefore we see the
consequences of their decision in the next few verses :
Blame – The man blames the woman – this is still used as a manipulative
deceptive tool bu men today!!! The woman blames the serpent and then
the serpent gets the brunt of it all.

Curse is a hard word but the consequences are felt not only by Adam
and Eve but it has an impact on everything – Verse 14 – 20 – the snake –
crawls on it’s belly, Eve has pain in childbirth and Adam suddenly rules
over her – this came through the fall and was certainly not God’s plan
and ultimately thank you Jesus he restores this enmity in the Garden of
Eden through Mary and just briefly John 20:11-17 but I will deal with this
more on Resurrection Sunday. Adam has to wok the land through
painful toil!!!!
The next generation – chapter 4 – lots of challenges but then right at the
end people then begin to call on the Lord and we also hear the story of
Noah and the Lord’s heart to care in spite of humankind.
7. Care
It could have ended right then and there and God could have easily
wiped humankind out and obviously we know the story – Cain and Abel
chapter 4 and the wickedness of the world chapter 5 and 6 and then we
see that He does get so mad in Genesis 6:7 some of the saddest words
in the scriptures from the mouth of the Creator God – “I regret that I have
made therm”
So the story spirals into seperation and despair and yet we read coming
back to Genesis 3: 21 that the Lord’s heart is always to have relationship
and he makes garments out of skin for them and clothes them but they
have to move from this beautiful garden into the exposed landscape of a
scary world.
The message of hope is that for us there is a Saviour who comes to us
in our darkest moment and reaches into the pit of hell and despair and
cries out for us to respond. At this time right now as we face a huge
horrible virus that is literally stopping the world in it’s tracks, I pray that
we will take the question that the Lord ask very seriously – “Where are
you ?” It’s time to reflect to restore to come out of hiding to build
realtionship again. Jesus cries out again from the the hills and weeps for
the world to hear again to change and transform and it cannot be
business as usual.
The earth is crying out for us to stand up and care, and God is calling us
to take responsibility for all that he has created. It’s time to put our own
lives right with him and to come out of hiding.
It’s time to hear the gentle words of Jesus in Luke 15:32 – “this child was
dead and is alive again, lost but now he has been found” May you be
truly found again by the Lord . AMEN


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