Living Beautifully

Living Beautifully

“Living beautifully in the storm of uncertaintity !!!” 

Prayer and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and what it means to be sanctified.

Romans 8:26-35

With Peter Veysie

George Methodist Church

30th May 2021

They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.

The coming of the Holy Spirit was the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise, “I will be with you always—to the ends of the earth.” The presence of the Holy Spirit assures us that God is with us always, in all circumstances of life! We cannot separate God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and say that today we have either the Father, or the Son, or the Holy Spirit. Rather, God—Three in One—is with us always. The Holy Spirit brings the Word of God to us. He teaches us what God wants us to know. He fills us with God’s power and ability, so that we can do the will of God. Jesus told His disciples, “I will send the Holy Spirit to you, and you will be My witnesses throughout the earth.” The Holy Spirit strengthens us to be able to do as Christ has foretold. We shall be witnesses for Him each and every day.

Stir in my heart this day, blessed Spirit, that I may know what God desires and go out and serve Him to the best of my ability, guided by You. Amen

Romans 8:26-35

26 And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness. For example, at times we don’t even know how to pray, or know the best things to ask for. But the Holy Spirit rises up within us to super-intercede on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional sighs too deep for words.

1.Living beautifully begins with our frailty.

 I love the fact that this scripture begins with our frailty our weaknesses and our humanity. It’s humbling to know that it’s okay to feel like this, it’s okay to not even know what to pray or what to do and it’s at these times as a person in relationship with the Lord that we can begin to Live Beautifully.

Praying is deeply linked with our spiritual beings and then intertwined with the Holy Spirit.

He knows fully and intercedes on our behalf. The gift of tongues is a wonderful enabler of this kind of prayer. What does it look like. Guidance by the old ACTS

Adoration- praise

Confession- vulnerability

Thanks- open your eyes to what the Lord has done and trust Him too for what he’s going to do. Praying for family. See it as the Lord sees it.

2.Living beautifully in the Spirit opens our hearts to the Lord.

 Deep crying out to deep.He pleads or intercedes on our behalf.

27 God, the searcher of the heart, knows fully our longings,[c] yet he also understands the desires of the Spirit, because the Holy Spirit passionately pleads before God for us, his holy ones, in perfect harmony with God’s plan and our destiny.

3.Living beautifully woven together with the Holy Spirit.

We are called to fulfill his designed purposes. Live creatively- The Message.

28 So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together for good,[d] for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. 

4.Living beautifully means that we understand that we are woven or knit together in our mother’s womb for The Lord’s purposes and therefore our lives are a discovery each day of this.

29 For he knew all about us before we were born and he destined us[e] from the beginning to share the likeness of his Son. This means the Son is the oldest among a vast family of brothers and sisters who will become just like him.

5.Living beautifully is deeply understanding that we are sanctified and glorified. We need to shine. Karen in the dark at the office shining.

6.Living beautifully means that our destiny is determined by the Holy Spirit for good purposes and the Lord has transferred and transformed us into His perfect righteousness. 

30 Having determined our destiny ahead of time, he called us to himself and transferred his perfect righteousness to everyone he called. And those who possess his perfect righteousness he co-glorified with his Son![f]



The Triumph of God’s Love sing.

31 So, what does all this mean? If God has determined to stand with us, tell me, who then could ever stand against us? 32 For God has proved his love by giving us his greatest treasure, the gift of his Son. And since God freely offered him up as the sacrifice for us all,[g] he certainly won’t withhold from us anything else he has to give.

33 Who then would dare to accuse those whom God has chosen in love to be his? God himself is the judge who has issued his final verdict over them—“Not guilty!”[h]

34 Who then is left to condemn us? Certainly not Jesus, the Anointed One! For he gave his life for us, and even more than that, he has conquered death and is now risen, exalted, and enthroned by God at his right hand. So how could he possibly condemn us since he is continually praying for our triumph?[i]

35 Who could ever divorce us from the endless love of God’s Anointed One? Absolutely no one! For nothing in the universe has the power to diminish his love toward us. Troubles, pressures, and problems are unable to come between us and heaven’s love. What about persecutions, deprivations,[j] dangers, and death threats? No, for they are all impotent to hinder omnipotent love.


  • What does living beautifully in our frailty mean to you and share examples ?
  • What does it mean to open our hearts to each other and to the Lord?
  • How do you understand yourself being woven together with the Holy Spirit ?
  • What is your understanding of sanctification and how does this affect your destiny ?


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