Deeper Life session 13 Jesus Messiah

Deeper Life session 13 Jesus Messiah

Due to technical difficulties we were not able to record this past Sundays sermon. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please find sermon Notes below.

On Palm Sunday Rev Peter shared out of Luke 19: 28 – 48. Looking at Jesus Messiah.

  1. In order for us to understand this story, we need to go to the Old Testament and right back to the book of Exodus 12: 1 – 11. The key here is the 10th day of Nissan. In terms of our Christian Calender this is the day we call Palm Sunday. Jesus enters Jerusalem not as the warrior soldier on a horse but rather on a colt which has never been ridden before. Two of his disciples untie the colt and bring it to Jesus. He does this to fulfil the prophecy in Zechariah 9: 9 “See your king comes to you righteous and having salvation”. These words are profound if you think of them as Christ and also if you take into account that Jesus was entering Jerusalem on this day the tenth day of Nissan. He was the perfect Lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world. He was the servant king humble and riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey – this was often a symbol of kingship in the OT. It is also a symbol of rebuke if we remember the story of Balaam son of Beor in the book of Numbers 22:24 – 30 – He tried to curse Israel and a donkey spoke words of wisdom to him.

He was the Passover lamb – the one and only final sacrifice for the sake of humanity.

  1. The disciples/followers of Jesus rejoice and celebrate the coming of their king – Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord. Peace in heaven and glory in the highest. Luke 19:38. Matthew includes the words Hosanna to the Son of David. Hosanna in the highest and he also says that the crowd spread their cloaks while others cut branches from trees and spread them on the road. The city was stirred and said “Who is this?”
  2. Luke 19: 39 and 40 There is always a Pharisee somewhere in the crowd when we are rejoicing, watching to catch us out waiting to see if we slip up and here the Pharisees call on Jesus to rebuke his disciples and he responds with this famous line – If they keep quiet the stones will cry out. Habakukk 2:11 Stones will cry out. The stone they have rejected will become the supreme song of praise – the capstone. Matt 21:42.
  3. Jesus wept – There is another profound moment here because Jesus again realises that the city of Jerusalem have missed their moment of visitation and what would have brought them peace. It is almost as if he testifies here that it’s too late and they have missed their opportunity. I wonder how many will go through this time of Easter and miss the real value and truth behind it, even those who have religiously followed traditions without their hearts being in it. We need to be awake to when Jesus visits us and wakes us up to the things on his heart. Listen and keep your eyes open to the still small voice saying go this way or that way. Take time to retreat so that you can open your hearts to this. If we don’t, then like Jerusalem we may be overtaken by our enemies, building embankments against us, encircling us and hemming us in on every side !!! Stay alert and awake to this – Don’t miss his daily visitation on your lives. Jesus also prophecies here about Jerusalem and its ultimate downfall where in 70 AD not one stone was left on top of another. He also speaks about his death and resurrection and him being the New temple restored not in stone but as his body and we as the church being the temple of the living Lord, so that no longer would there be a need for a physical stone temple that would be inhabited by the Lord, but He would be that living temple and as we abide in him and he is in us, we would be this too.
  4. Jesus angry – I wonder if Jesus was here today what he which tables he would turn in terms of what we do ? I think we can all think of a few things which have become rituals or traditions or hype that become about selling the gospel and nothing else. I wonder often about how Jesus would feel about what we do ? A telethon here or a hype there !!! The tables in the temple were littered with years and years of trading. He teaches in the temple courts for many days and these stories are brought to us by Matthew. It says that they hung on every word. Vs 48 and because of this the teachers of the law could not find a way to arrest him. Jesus then strikes a note in my heart which I have thought about but not really considered. We have long worship(song times) then we have a message time and we sometimes slip in a short prayer or a long prophecy – He says my HOUSE IS A HOUSE OF PRAYER AND YOU HAVE MADE IT A DEN OF THEIVES. NO – HE SAYS MY HOUSE WILL BE A HOUSE OF PRAYER BUT YOU HAVE MADE IT A DEN OF THIEVES. Here is the key for us as members of His temple – lets learn and understand what Jesus meant by this and then let’s start to do it. Not tagged on prayer but real devotion to it. Not babbling on in what we might think are tongues but real groans where we cannot speak anymore in our own language because we just don’t know what else and how to say it. Not hype, but genuine conversation with almighty God.
  5. Second important thing was – every day he was teaching and if you want to know what he was teaching about then we to have a look at Matthew 21 – 25 – the fig tree withering, the two sons in the vineyard, the tennants, the wedding banquet, paying taxes to Caesar, marriage at the resurrection, the greatest commandment, who is the son of Christ? seven woes to the teachers of the law and the Pharisees, signs of the end of the age, the day and the hour unknown, the parable of the ten virgins and their lights, the parable of the talents, and finally the sheep and the goats.

Conclusion – do we see Jesus as a once and for all sacrifice of sin? Do we celebrate him as our hosanna in the highest? How can we learn from Jesus when faced with a “Pharisee” in the crowd? do we now understand Jesus’ anger and will we make his house a house of prayer? are we willing to recommit ourselves to his word and to his teaching and understand that it is not just a list of things given to us like a motivational speaker but rather a living transformational word able to change our world ?


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