Believe series – session 19 offering my resources

Believe series – session 19 offering my resources

Believe series session 19

Giving my resources

Key Idea: I give my resources to fulfil God’s purposes.

10th June 2018

George Methodist Church

Peter Veysie

8am and 10am


Key scripture: Since you excel in everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in love we have kindled in you – see that you also excel in the grace of giving.

2 Cor 8:7

2 Cor 8: 1 – 9:15

I think that this is often the most abused topic in the church and yet it is also an act of worship.

We need to start by understanding what it means to offer your all to God. Romans 12:1,2

Many churches have demanded tithes from the members and even gone so far as to visit people if they are not giving. Others have shared how God will bless them with abundance if they give and that they will become rich. I believe that this is completely the wrong place to start when it comes to teaching about giving our resources and that we need to search the scriptures together to find out what Paul is actually teaching the people in Corinth about giving.

Money – a tool, a test and a testimony. Faith Based Family finance Ron Blue

Things to get right personally with finances – Good stewardship demands:

Proportionate giving

Controlled debt free lifestyle

Taxes paid with integrity and thanksgiving.

Financial goals set as a family – Accountability

2 Corinthians 8:1 – 9:15

As we read through this scripture it is clear that it starts with a conviction of the heart.

  1. Generosity welled up inside of them. There is an overflow of joy and a conviction that you are partnering in the extension of God’s kingdom on earth and it’s got to bring a lot of joy.
  2. They gave as much as they were able. This is done entirely without coercion or manipulation – this is a discussion that partners need to have with each other in business or as families.
  3. They gave themselves first to the work of the Gospel – good news. It was not without being able to understand that that they weren’t just doing a token gesture but rather that they had a real conviction within their faith journey.
  4. They had to work at it. It seems like it was something that they had to work at as Paul speaks about excelling in the grace of giving. I love the theology of graceful giving. No name in lights no wanting recognition but merely giving because of a deep understanding of grace. Where would I be without the church ?
  5. Sincerity This shows the sincerity of our hearts to God and to his church.
  6. Poverty of spirit moves us into a place of giving. It is in a place of poverty of spirit that it is best to give. We may find ourselves giving at our best when we know that we have nothing outside of what God has given us.
  7. Gathering verses giving. Another powerful principle is the concept of gathering verses giving. We have become extreme gatherers unfortunately and have sadly been influenced by a very intentional material world. If you walk through the mall it will become very clear as to what the pull is all about. I have one of those but I haven’t got the latest.
  8. The small minority in the world who are working towards something.

Some are doing all the giving while you are hard pressed. What the percentages are like are not meant to make us feel guilty, but it seems that we still live with an 80 -20 situation where 80% are supported by 20%.

  1. Administration .Offerings need to be administered by the church in order to honour the Lord. Give and example of how this works at GMC, Circuit, District and Connexion. We need to do what is right not only in the eyes of God but also in the eyes of people.
  2. Sowing and reaping – the art of farming. Illustration. Video
  3. Give what you have decided in your heart to give.
  4. God loves a cheerful giver.
  5. God will bless you abundantly for every good work. This is not a financial transaction but rather a way of understanding that the more you give in to something the more you will be invested to be part of it working well and therefore God will bless your every good work.



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