Our desire for worship at GMC is to encourage and inspire people to experience more of Jesus.

We long to see people changed in God’s presence, to get lost in Him. Our focus is to be Christ-centred. We hope to share the love of our Father more and more through connecting with Him in song and expression.

At the moment we are in a season of building up new worship teams and raising up worship leaders. We want to see the church have a fully functional audio visual facility and team producing not only for Sunday services but for various other projects and church events. Within the audiovisual team we need people for camera, sound, light, media design and display. In fulfilling these roles, we will see the story of Christ told in a far more enriching way not only on Sundays but on a daily basis.

There is always an open invitation to members who not only have the heart and calling, but technical ability and skill to join us. We are also very happy to work with up and coming musicians who have talent and potential and want to learn how to lead worship. Joining the worship team is no light responsibility, but rather a great privilege in being part of leading the church into God’s presence and getting to understand what it is all about. This requires dedication, perseverance and discipline, but more so a heart that is passionate about God and his people.


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