Leaders Application for Holiday Club 2019

If you want to do holiday club, you need to commit yourself totally. Although you will also have lots of fun yourself, you need to remember that it is about helping the organizers of Holiday Club, guiding the Children, and MOST importantly serving Jesus. A half commitment will not do. So check what is expected of you and think carefully before you apply. If you are willing to submit yourself to serve during this wonderful week of ministry, including obeying all the rules and attitude expectations that will apply to you (e.g. Bedtime!), please tick the box below.

Dear Parents Holiday Club is bound to leave your child tired, but they will also leave with new friends and life changing stories of the power of Jesus at work in young people’s lives. Your child will need a certain amount of support from you. The cost of the Holiday Club is R300 which includes breakfast and Lunch for the week, a T-shirt and all necessary materials needed. To give leaders a break and opportunity to shower please come and fetch your child at 17:00 each day and bring them back by 19:30. Please note we will not be providing dinner. Thank you for all you do as parents to enhance the work of the Lord happening at GMC.
hereby give permission to my son/daughter to attend Holiday Club 2017. I do not hold leaders or employees of George Methodist Church responsible for any loss or damage to persons or property, although every effort will be made to prevent such incidents from occurring. And if required, I will fetch my son/daughter in the event of them not cooperating. I also give my permission for my child to be photographed or videotaped. I understand that the image may be displayed in church publications, in the church building or website.


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